Frequently asked questions

Do you have a lost & found?

Yes we do have a lost and found, feel free to submit a form on our contact us page and we can check for anything we may have as soon as we see your email.

How can I skip the line?

Line skips will be available at managements discretion. Our door staff will be able to answer questions as far as line skips the night-of. If you have an event or have purchased a VIP section you will be allowed to skip the line and freely enter the bar during the term of your event/section rental.

How can I book a VIP section?

You can apply for a VIP section for any weekend night through our "VIP section" page on our website. After submitting a request we will reach out to confirm availability, take prepayment, and finish setting up your section for you.

Is there a card minimum?

No, we do not have a card minimum.

What time does cover start?

Cover times vary from night to night, any cover information will only be available at the door during business hours. we typically start cover as we reach our capacity on weekend nights.